Ep.82 – 3 Steps to a Profitable Yoga Business

Happy New Year, welcome to episode 82 of the Prosperous Yogini Podcast and my first episode of 2024!

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The ‘business’ side of being a yoga teacher can feel like there is an overwhelming amount of stuff to do and learn, we often believe it to be hard.

The result is non-action, we keep ourselves small, less people get to do yoga with us, and we struggle to make money as yoga teachers.

It’s 2024 and I believe the world needs women to rise up, share their gifts with the world, help people and make money, and that includes us yoga teachers!

Business isn’t hard, we’re told it is.  These 3 steps will help you build any business, including your yoga business:

  1. Nail what you are good at, lean into what you know and love.
  2. Gather your tribe, yes that means some people won’t like you.
  3. Create offers that you and your tribe love!

And that is it, this is the pathway to creative flow, this is the pathway to your own unique alignment, this is everything our yoga practice teaches us applied to running a business.

Seem easy?

Probably not and the reason is you are not meant to be on this path alone.  

Mentorship should be industry standard for all yoga teachers and investing time and money in the business the side of being a yoga teacher should be as accepted as yoga teacher training is.

I am here to change all of this!

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