Ep. 81 – Yoga for the Peri-menopause

It’s an interview episode and I am joined by the incredible Caroline of Humble Warrior Yoga – https://www.humblewarrioryoga.uk/ 

Caroline is a single parent, works 30 to 40 hours in a supermarket and is busy growing her online yoga business supporting women in the perimenopause and menopausal stages of life. 

Caroline has taught in person, but covid and then an episode of acute anxiety meant this was no longer possible. But she knows the power yoga has to support women over 40 and none of this was going to stop her. 

There is so much I love about Caroline’s story, she knows her why and this drives her to succeed. Which is what matters when you are building an online business. 

You don’t hear many stories of people at the beginning of their journey, it’s so often about 6-figure businesses and 5 and 6-figure launches. But we all start from zero, and we all work hard in the early days to organically grow our business, the successful ones are people like Caroline, who are in it for the long game. 

Plus Caroline knew that trying to do it alone was madness, and she’s been working with me in my mentoring programme. We have created the systems to grow her business and generate sales, lead magnets, automations, paid mini-course, and her Tribe Membership and now we’re playing with 1:1 offers and live courses. 

Caroline shows us that consistent, persistent action in the direction of your dreams is the path we all must take! Support Caroline by visiting – https://www.humblewarrioryoga.uk/ 

Join her mailing list, buy her mini-course and better still join her Tribe membership, yoga is something that all women over 40 should do. 

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Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

I hope Caroline inspires you to stop trying to do it alone, there is no way I could run my business without the support of my mentor. When it comes to building an online business this is a long game, one where you can save yourself so much time, and long term make money when you choose to work with a mentor who has been where you are now. 

I’ve been building my online yoga business since April 2020, I trust me if I can do it, you can too, and this is one thing we could do together inside my mentoring programme! I believe all yoga teachers need mentoring. I believe that all yoga teachers, who largely happen to be female, should have profitable sustainable businesses. 

And I believe that now is the time to join my mentoring programme My 100-hour further training and business mentoring programme the Prosperous Yogini Mentoring Programme supports you in your roles as a yoga teacher and a yoga boss. 

The doors next open on 22nd January 2024, add your name to the waitlist 

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