Ep. 79 – The role of the nervous system in running your yoga business.

This has been something that has been really big for me in 2023.  I feel like this year all my studies, knowledge and understanding have collided to give me a greater sense of oneness, and how everything is connected.

The nervous system is one of my favourite topics.  For a while now I’ve felt we’ve not fully appreciated the role of the sympathetic nervous system, we’ve just labelled it as a bad response.  

And with an over-focus on the parasympathetic nervous systems are we missing something?  Are we missing the neutral place, the place in-between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous?

But what does the nervous system have to do with running our yoga business?

Well, if energy is everything, then your energy matters the most and the nervous system is the centre of our energy system.

Committing to getting the balance between yin and yang, masculine and feminine energies will help both your decision-making and the actions you take, after all, thoughts become things!

Understanding the natural response of the nervous system and how it will impact the decisions and actions you take, and the impact of experiences and beliefs on our nervous system, will lead to a path of greater energetic balance, and isn’t that yoga?

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The good news is our yoga practice teaches us all we need to find balance, breath work, meditation, and restorative practices.

Our monthly teaching clinics inside my mentoring programme regularly focus on practices such as restorative yoga, yin yoga, breath work and yoga nidra, I know the yoga teachers I work with need to be inspired in their practice and need practices that help to tap into their inner guidance and take the action they want to call in as they’ve committed to working with me for 6-months.

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

Inside my mentoring programme for yoga teachers, I literally support you with both hats you wear, yoga teacher and yoga boss.  Having done both for over 14+ years, I know that actually these hats can’t really be separated.

I believe all yoga teachers need mentoring 

I believe that all yoga teachers, who largely happen to be female, should have profitable sustainable businesses.

And I believe that now is the time to join my mentoring programme 

My 100-hour further training and business mentoring programme the Prosperous Yogini Mentoring Programme supports you in your roles as a yoga teacher and a yoga boss.

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