Ep. 77 – How to review your yoga business.

As we approach the end of the year I am going to be sharing with you some of the practices, and habits, I have at this time of year in relation to my yoga business.

Reviewing your business as a reflective practitioner.

This is a fancy term for learning to review your progress from a place of non-attachment.

What went well this year?  Celebrate all wins big and small, after all, what we focus on expands!

What didn’t go so well?  All mistakes and perceived failures are lessons we can learn and grow from, however disappointing and annoying they are at the time.

What does the data say?  What are the facts and figures and know these before making any judgements about your successes and failures.

What does your energy say?  What excites you?  Where is resentment or frustration creeping in?  

Know the answers to the above?

Wait.  Get quiet.  Tap into your inner intelligence.

We’ll set some goals next week!

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Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

During December we’ll be reviewing, reflecting and refining ready for 2024 together inside my mentoring programme.

Doing all of this alone is incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

This is why we all should invest in a mentor or a coach to guide us.  It will save you time and make you money!  I’d love 2024 to be the year where you come on in because we truly are not meant to be doing this job alone!

My 100-hour further training and mentoring programme the Prosperous Yogini Mentoring Programme supports you in your roles as a yoga teacher and a yoga boss.

The doors next open in January 2024, add your name to the waitlist

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Other ways we can work together

Book a business 60-minute power up Strategy Session – https://amy-yoga.com/strategy-session/

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