Ep. 75 – Shifting our settings

Is it mindset work?

Is it nervous system work?

Or is it both, is it everything, as we are one connected energetic system?

When we do anything new, anything different it will prompt a response from our nervous system, and if we are trying to do something too far from where our current settings are set, it will feel impossible.  And in this case, no amount of mindset work will force us into action.

But when we ask ourselves what is the next step I can take?

What is the next action that I can take to shift my system into more balance, to allow expansion and to allow expansion compassionately?

For example, let’s say you want to start offering retreats and largely work abroad, but you have never done anything like this before.  The thought of running a retreat abroad feels impossible, the result is you don’t take any action and remain stuck in your current settings, and in non-action.

What if I see my bigger goal and take the next step available for me, which may look like day retreats, moving to weekend retreats and then abroad?  This allows my settings to shift, allows both my nervous and mindset to adjust to the belief that I can run successful retreats, and at the same time builds a community of people who love going on retreats with me, who will all be ready to go abroad when I offer this?

This is where energy meets action.

Shifting your settings, allows for compassionate expansion, and it’s part of both the mindset and nervous system work, as ultimately they are connected, they are both part of the wholeness that is you.

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