Ep. 73 – Holding space

I do start a little confused over episode numbers today, but this is episode 73, not 72!

We often hear the term ‘holding space’ as something we yoga teachers do.

But what does it mean?

And why am I talking about it now?

It is no secret that at the time of recording this podcast, the news is tougher than normal, and the energy of managing this and carrying on serving those I work with has had me thinking about the act of holding space.  

Why now more than ever we need to continue to hold space and share the light that is yoga, the world collectively needs love, hope and healing now more than ever.  

As yoga teachers and anyone else who works with the human system, we hold space.  We hold space for the physical body, the emotional body, the energetic body and the spiritual body.

Through sharing the practice of yoga we hold space for the seen and the unseen.

Our human energies bodies are affected by events both on the macro and micro, and I know that when collectively we feel the weight of global events, holding space feels harder.

But it’s not just about our students, to hold this space, we also have to manage our own energetic space.  We too are effective by events both personally and on a larger collective scale.  And to hold space for others through both the light and the dark times, we have to ensure we are looking after ourselves first.

Doing this alone is not easy, this is one reason I believe mentorship should be the industry standard for yoga teachers.

Because the world needs you, your love, your light and your gifts as a yoga teacher now more than ever.

Not to mention a world where more kind-hearted, conscious people, have profitable, thriving businesses I know is a better world.

This is my dharma right now, to help you, so along with my weekly free podcast check out all the ways we can work together because you are not meant to be doing this alone.

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