Ep. 72 – Higher Self-Meditation

Today’s episode is my final snippet from the recording from day 1 of my free training “The Confident Yogi CEO”.

This training was so mind-blowingly good I have to share some of it with you!

Energy is everything, get into energetic alignment and as I say everything else is just gravy!

But it’s all very well and good knowing this, but how do we find energetic alignment?

As yoga teachers this is the stuff we know and teach, we just need to apply it to our yoga business!

Find a practice that slows the brain waves down, and helps you connect to that inner wisdom, that quiet voice that whispers ‘this’, as I like to call it, your Higher Self.

And what practice do we teach that does this – meditation!

This short meditation may help you connect to your inner wisdom, your inner knowledge, and your higher self.

And I say may because one thing I do know about the human energy system we are all unique and you need to find your own to plug in and connect.

Finding your own way alone is not easy, we benefit from guidance and support.

If you are looking for an experienced mentor, who will guide you to step into your own power source and do things your way, I am your girl!

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