Ep.64 – Make time for magic!

Make time for magic!

Today’s episode is on a topic that as a yoga teacher you know very well, the balance of Yin and Yang energies.

Are you always ‘doing’?

What leads the actions you take in your yoga business?

Energy is everything and when action, masculine yang energy, happens from a place of energetic alignment with your intuition, yin feminine energy, this is where whatever you are being called to create is possible.

But do you make time for magic in your yoga business?  Do you have an energetic practice, where you allow yourself to connect to your inner guidance system, the universe, higher self, whatever you want to call it?

There are many ways you can make time for magic; it can be as simple as paying attention to that whisper and those signs.  From meditating to surfing to writing down all the names of the people coming to your full retreat you are yet to advertise, this is all magic work.

And what will work for you is totally unique to you, but I can tell you to lean into what you love, and if you’re not sure what this is just take action, as the magic happens along the way!

Getting into energetic alignment and having the rock-steady nerve to sit in the vibration of ‘it’s all working out for me’, is not easy alone.  And I would really love for you to stop waiting and stop trying to do it all by yourself when you don’t have to!

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