Ep. 63 – A good yoga teacher….

Ep.63 A good yoga teacher….

Today’s episode is the fourth in a 4-part series of mini-teaching clinics, where I’ll explore an aspect of yoga teaching.

A good yoga teacher gives options.

A good yoga teacher teaches in an inclusive way, which allows all students to meet themselves where they are at that given moment.

Side note here, your yoga classes aren’t for everyone, so make sure you are clear about who your class is for. 

And everyone should have access to yoga if they want it, if you want to help those who face a financial barrier, teaching low-cost class yoga classes is not the way to sustainable serve for the long term.

A good yoga teacher builds in challenge in a way that doesn’t add to a student’s stories around their body of being inflexible or not strong enough.

This is easier said than done but my favourite word ‘maybe’ is powerful, along with the invitation to play and then we all arrive at the place we are meant to be.

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