Ep.57 – Should Yoga Be Taught In Gyms?

Today’s title is slightly misleading, this isn’t about whether yoga has a place in gyms, of course, it does!  Movement is movement and yoga should happen EVERYWHERE, and the more people that have access to movement, whether we want to label it as yoga or not the better.

Today’s podcast is all about how our beliefs and assumptions create our reality and lead to our actions, or often inactions.

For example, do you believe yoga in gyms is taught by an unqualified yoga teacher, and won’t be a real yoga class?  Maybe it is, but what if it isn’t and you’ve got a great teacher round the corner from you, and even if it’s not quite what you expected movement-wise, I bet you’d have a new experience and learn something!

Or like the yoga teacher who inspired today’s episode.  She believed that people in her area only want yoga in gyms, and therefore there was no point trying to set herself up independently, the result of her actions was she hadn’t tried or considered the notion that not everyone wants to do yoga in a gym environment.

Teaching yoga in a gym can be a one-way yoga teachers earn money, some starting out find this a great way to receive a definite income and not have to worry about all the admin and business side of things.  Other teachers choose long-term to teach in a gym environment for these very reasons.  Some start in gyms and when they are ready branch out into creating their own offers.  It is all welcome, and all that matters is you do what is energetically right for you.

Today’s episode is also influenced by one of my teachers, Stephen Braybrook, aka the Movement Man.  Who lost his fight with cancer this week.  He always said movement was movement, that what matters is we just move, and move in lots of new and exciting ways, and better still without the labels that we attach to the shapes we make in yoga, as these labels create beliefs, and this can inhibit our movement.

On the topic of Stephen’s brilliant brain and teachings, if you could do me a favour and also listen to this episode of the embodiment podcast back from 2018 which is an interview with Stephen, I would be deeply grateful, it could also change the way you view the human body!

Listen here – https://embodimentunlimited.com/31-non-conformist-biomechanics-with-stephen-braybrook/

And remember movement is movement, how you move is an expression of your creativity, we will be more creative in places where we feel safe, these are Stephen’s words.  Therefore, yoga must happen everywhere, from dedicated studios to gyms to village halls, to schools and prisons, as we’ll all have our unique place of safety.

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