Ep. 53 – My Podcast Birthday Party!

52 episodes and a billion hours talking to myself in my cupboard later, and here I am episode 53 and I’m having a party!

Or more accurately I am hosting a free Q&A call, and best of all I am not alone, some listeners have joined me from the cupboard.  Along with Pancake my golden doodle who is under my chair as I record!

In today’s episode, I answer your questions, from how my advice about your yoga business doesn’t just end at your yoga business, it’s universal to the impact of covid, pricing, messaging, online presence, and social media!  It is jammed packed today.

If nothing else my podcast models to you the power of doing what lights you up, in your zone of genius.  Honouring you is the path to a successful yoga business, amongst other things.

Here’s to another year!

Amy x

Ps – I love answering your questions the most, so request episodes are always welcome.

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