Ep. 47 – Share Your Wins

What you focus on expands!  In today’s episode, I encourage you to focus on what is going well and celebrate your journey to where you want to be, to that full class.

I am massively celebrating wins this week, those in my mentorship programme have made drastic improvements to their yoga business since working with me and I share a snapshot of these.

And I am sharing my win of making my dream of a mentoring programme that helps yoga teachers, who happened to be mostly women, build, grow and scale their profitable, impactful yoga business, come true!

Join my mentoring programme for yoga teachers

And on that subject, I’d love to invite you to join me when the doors re-open at the end of this month.  Now really is the time to come in, at the current price with this level of support.

JOIN HERE – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

Mark the date in your diary – doors open on Friday 26th May 9am, and close on Monday 5th June 9pm.

Prosperous Yogini Podcast Episode 47


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