Ep. 45 – Teaching Yin Yoga, the power of diversifying

In today’s episode, I share how my body, my teaching and my yoga business has changed over the last 14 years of teaching, alongside persuading you to train with me to teach yoga with me!

Yoga teaches us nothing is constant; everything is subject to change and that includes us!  Not only do our body’s needs shift as we experience life, but we’re human and it’s natural to have new interests and be led down pathways of curiosity.

I found Yin yoga because my body needed it, and it had such a profound effect on me I of course wanted to share that with my students.   This led to not only sharing this much-needed practice with my students but diversifying my offers and creating consistent income with my yoga business, through a membership model.

Whether it’s Yin, or a different style of yoga, diversifying the style of yoga we teach helps bring balance to our body, and our students’ bodies’, as well as opening the doorway for new income pathways.

Yin-yoga teacher training

It is why I do believe if you don’t already you should teach Yin-yoga!

Not to mention you can start training online with me today, with my flexible, practical and highly supportive Yin Yoga Teacher Training course 

Check out my 50-hour online Yin-Yoga Teacher Training course here – https://amy-yoga.com/online-yin-yoga-teacher-training/ 

In-person course dates coming later this year, and they’re not all based in the UK – eek!!!!

Join my mentorship programme for yoga teachers

Perhaps it’s not more training you need, but support in taking those brave steps to diversify your offers and create consistent streams of income within your yoga business.

I would love to support you to create a profitable, sustainable and joyful yoga business.  My mentorship programme supports you as both a yoga teacher and a yoga boss

Find out more here – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/, add your name to the waitlist if you find the doors are closed.

Other ways we can work together

  1. Binge-listen for free to all the episodes of the Prosperous Yogini Podcast – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-podcast/
  2. Train with me.  I offer online, specialist, flexible training courses in Yin, Pregnancy & Postnatal yoga.  Start today and together we can expand your teaching schedule –  https://amy-yoga.com/yoga-teacher-training/
  3. Study further with me. I have a range of self-paced study continued professional development courses, covering a range of topics related to teaching yoga and running your yoga business – https://amy-yoga.com/cpd-for-yoga-teachers/

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Prosperous Yogini Podcast episode 45


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