Ep. 41 – How To Grow Your Yoga Business

Starting yoga yoga business – part 3

You’ve started teaching, have an established class, and a core group of people who come each week.   Before looking forward to what is next, you must celebrate this! 

Before you think about growing your yoga business, you’ve actually got to start it.  You’ve got to go out cut your craft as a teacher, find your vibe and attract your tribe!

But what happens when you’re ready to move on from your initial step?

How to grow your yoga business?

There are a whole multitude of ways you can make money as a yoga teacher and spread the light that is yoga, it really is a sea of exciting possibilities!

Expansion must be compassionate, and done at a pace that is aligned with your energies, your why and how you want to work.

And if at first, you’re not fully sure what this why and how is, have fun saying yes and trying new things.

When we align ourselves energetically with growing our yoga business you will be surprised what offers and opportunities come your way.

Yes, you can teach more classes, but be careful not to offer too much of the same class and spread class numbers over more hours.  Specialising in a particular demographic or offering a contrasting class to your current class are smart ways to expand a teaching schedule.

Train to teach Yin-yoga?

You can train to teach Yin and Pregnancy yoga with me, starting today – https://amy-yoga.com/yoga-teacher-training/

Other low-cost, low-risk options include creating 1:2:1 and corporate packages.   Creating a new offer for your current tribe, such as a workshop or half or full-day retreats.

From online options, longer retreats, studio ownership, setting up your own CIC company or even Airbnb experiences, it is a sea of possibilities.

Just move compassionately to the next step that feels the most exciting, and if you’re not sure which way to go, remember if you don’t go you don’t know so try something.

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Ways we can work together

Join my mentorship programme for yoga teachers:

The first 12 months after graduating are the hardest, don’t try to do them alone. Joining my mentoring programme means you are no longer alone with me on your side, and together we plan your own unique pathway to profit, honouring an expansion that works for you.

I would love to support you to create a profitable, sustainable and joyful yoga business – join my 6-month group coaching and mentoring programme.   Add your name to the waitlist if you find the doors are closed.

Other ways we can work together

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