EP.39 – How do I become a better yoga teacher?

You’ve been asking for some time now, so here it is, the first in my 3-part series on how to start out as a yoga teacher once you graduate from your yoga teacher training course – eek!

How do I become a better yoga teacher?

The answer does not lie in more training, yes that is a fun thing to do, but the only way to get better at teaching is to go out and practise the skill of teaching.  Teaching is teaching, regardless of subject, it is a skill, and skills improve through practise. 

The process of skill refinement looks like this:

  • Go out and practise the skill (aka teach yoga)
  • Reflect on how it went (positively!)
  • Respond and refine next time you teach (repeat)

Regardless of where you are in your yoga teaching career, this is a process we all should practise.

The main problem I see is those who graduate from their YTT waiting to feel ready to teach, and never getting teaching.  This day won’t come, you have to take action and go out and set up a class.  Teaching friends and family, or hooking up with a local studio can be great pathways into cutting your craft as a yoga teacher, from which you can expand out from.

Want some help getting started or avoiding the trap of ‘training procrastination’?

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