Ep.35 –  Passes, Blocks and Boundaries

For the next few weeks, I’ll be picking up questions that came up during my free live launch event “The Profitable Yoga Business Roadmap”.  I am sure these questions will also apply to you and your yoga business.

Before I get going, yes my launch has been a massive success at every level of my business, and it was out of my comfort zone.  I know this is where change and expansion occurs, and as a little side note to you all, we all must operate from a place of compassionate expansion.  Times when we are out of our comfort zone, and times when we’re not!

Today I talk around the subject of my most asked about question –  how to arrange payment structures, this includes blocks, passes and drop-ins.

The problem we have in the yoga industry is so many of us are copying models of large organisations that simply don’t work when it comes to the one-man band that is so often us yoga teachers.

Not to mention we’re also copying each other, and the truth is yoga teachers are often under-charging, arranging their payment structures in a way that doesn’t encourage consistency and disadvantages them, and are left feeling frustrated when numbers vary from week to week.

Tied into this is our need to people please, and as a result a lack of clear boundaries and terms and conditions, which can leave us spending hours to doing admin whilst we lose money!

How to end not making money from your yoga classes

I recommend block booking, clear start and end dates, and a structure that really encourages consistency, both in terms of income for you and practise for your students, this is a place where everyone wins!

And yes of course we’re human, and we care, and there are those moments where there are exceptions to the rules, but this can be done discreetly on a personal basis.   Overall have your booking T&Qs clearly laid out when someone books.

Changing this stuff can be difficult, it brings up a whole load of mind-trash to boot.  It is hard figuring it out alone, which is why you need me in your corner! 

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