EP.33 – The Transformation That My Mentoring Brings!

Today I am joined by the gorgeous Claire Bowring, who I know very well!  Claire trained with me in 2021 to be a yoga teacher and then went on to join my mentoring programme in the summer of 2022.

Claire shares with us brilliant insights into what it’s like to work with me, both in a training and mentoring capacity.  She shares how she worked round her resistance to say yes to YTT, and her transformation in the last 18 months has blown my mind!

My mentoring programme for yoga teachers

I can tell you how great my mentoring programme is.  I can tell you hand on heart that I 100% know I will support you to create a profitable, sustainable, impactful yoga business.  But it is so much better when you see and hear it from someone who has experienced this transformation.

Since joining my mentoring programme Claire has set up 4, well attended, in-person classes, we’ve refined her website, copy and messaging, she’s had a professional photoshoot, reviewed her prices and packages for her massage and make-up offerings and very recently we’ve opened the door to passive income and working online!

With my encouragement, Claire has set up her online membership, and in her first month alone 11 people have joined!  Not to mention she’s now re-selling some previously live workshops and we have plans for other online courses.

Listen to Claire at the end, she is right, if you don’t go you don’t know.   My mentoring programme will change your business and your life, everything that Claire has created is available for you too.  Trying to figure it out alone is the hard way, as human beings we thrive with support and community.

Check Claire out here – https://clairebowring.co.uk/

Join my Prosperous Yogini Mentoring Programme!

Wherever you are in your yoga business journey, I’ve got you, and now is the time to hire me on your team, your own personal cheerleader and join my mentoring programme – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

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