Ep. 104 – What I have learnt from 2 years of podcasting

Season Finale!

Two years in, 104 episodes, 9000+ downloads and the end of season one, where do I begin?

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who listens and supports me, I am so grateful to you all, you are the reason I show up every week.

Stepping into the world of podcasting has taught me a lot, all of which is transferable to life and business!

  1. Consistency is king, but you can only be consistent if you are doing what you love, and I love to talk!

  2. You have to allow yourself to be a beginner, to start something new, we all start from zero.

  3. The power of connection and community always comes before sales, people have to know you before they buy anything from you.

  4. The greatest joy from podcasting for 2 years has been all the positive feedback and help that I have offered to other yoga teachers and female soul-led entrepreneurs.  I cannot wait for more of this!

As we enter season 2 you will notice a little shift, but this shift has been obvious as my episodes evolved, I just haven’t been brave enough to say it, but I am literally coming out!

I am stepping into my new role as a business and energy mentor for female-soul-led entrepreneurs, the epic work I do with yoga teachers and yoga teacher training is going nowhere, but my mission is to help more women do what lights them up and make money, and season 2 of the Prosperous Yogini Podcast is coming with me on this mission, so let’s go!

Start by joining next week – 


Join me on Friday 14th June for a live Q&A podcast party to mark my 2-year podcasting anniversary.  I need your help with this one, please sign up to pre-submit a question which I will answer live on the call. 

Plus, podcasting can be lonely, if you can join me live I would love to see you there.

Sign up here – https://dashboard.mailerlite.com/forms/672932/122421965031999396/share

Other ways we can work together:

For Female Entrepreneurs – https://energymindsetmoneyandmore.substack.com/

For Yoga Teachers – visit www.amy-yoga.com 


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