Ep. 102 – Why scarcity mindset is keeping us small

After an incredible week where I launched my new “Ideas to Action” in-person coaching workshop this was the message that came through loud and strong to share on my podcast this week:

Scarcity is a lie.

A lie that drives fear, and non-action, and at its worst causes us to be unkind and make judgements of others.

All of this negative energy keeps us small and blocks the flow of money and joy to us.

What we focus on expands.

Other female entrepreneurs doing what you want to do, and having success are not stealing anything from you, they simply lead the way.

There is room for us all.

Scarcity is a lie, fed to keep us small, it’s time to wake up and start questioning all that we currently believe about what is and isn’t possible.

Once again I know none of what I say this week is easy to hear, I have been there resenting another woman’s success, and not responding with kindness.   

As I evolve I am coming to accept that I am here for these difficult conversations, delivered with love and empathy, because THIS IS the stuff as a woman, as a human being, that I work through too.

As my podcast moves into its 3rd year, 2nd season, these are the conversations and topics you will hear a lot more of.

Working through the beliefs and programming that seek to suppress us is not easy, it’s virtually impossible to do this stuff alone, yet that’s what we opt for.

Here’s my invitation to you to stop going it alone, let’s work together:

For Female Entrepreneurs – https://energymindsetmoneyandmore.substack.com/

For Yoga Teachers – visit www.amy-yoga.com


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