Ep. 101 – The 3 reasons why you are under-charging

Episode 101 – The 3 reasons why you are under-charging

After several conversations this week around prices and money I felt compelled to discuss this topic today.

Truth is your relationship with money and money mindset is an ongoing practice, one I am still very much working with alongside you.

But the more we wake up to the conditioning and programming that has sought to keep women small, to keep money out of our hands, the more we can lead the way for future generations.

None of it is easy, sorry!

But here’s why you’re under-charging:

  1. Thousands of years of conditioning from the patriarchal system taught us that money was not something we could have or should want.  We see the impact of this in the statistics of wealth in men versus women.  This system is crumbling away, and we have to seriously start to question what we’ve been told.

  2. We’re all just copying each other and victims of comparison.  We’re all undercharging and comparing ourselves and resistant to being the most expensive.  What if you broke the norm for your industry, what if you led the way?

  3. As yoga teachers, soul-led entrepreneurs we are doing what we do because we are passionate about our profession and want to use our gifts and skills to help people.  And getting tangled into feeling bad about asking for money for this is why you’re undercharging and heading for burnout.

I know none of what I say today is easy, but let it go in, and then do me a favour, go back over your facts and figures and I’ll put money on the fact you need to charge more!

Add into the mix it is virtually impossible to do this stuff alone, yet that’s what we opt for.

Here’s my invitation to you to stop going it alone, let’s work together:

For Female Entrepreneurs – https://energymindsetmoneyandmore.substack.com/

For Yoga Teachers – visit www.amy-yoga.com 


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