Ep. 100 – Navigating a world of free yoga classes

Eek I won’t lie today’s episode isn’t an easy discussion to have, but you know me I am here for it all, and sometimes we need to hear the difficult things.

I had a lovely teacher reach out on Instagram who’s experiencing a situation that ALL of us would feel rubbish about, including myself.

It’s that topic of contrast, the stuff we don’t want to experience.  But it’s the stuff we need, I’m going to say it’s the stuff that gives birth to our dreams!

When something happens that is causing us a problem, pain or discomfort, there’s only so long we can carry on and ignore it.  It’s there to help us grow, develop and move on to that next bigger thing.

I know how easy it is to be annoyed with all the ‘free’ yoga out there.

But what if there’s room for us all, the free classes, the paid classes, the lower and the higher priced?

What if free yoga meant that people who can’t afford to come to a paid class can do yoga, that has to be a good thing.

It doesn’t mean you have to give away free yoga, but it’s not the reason why you are struggling to fill your paid offers.

Charge what you want for your yoga classes, be the most expensive kid on the block, give away a free weekly class and everywhere in between.  It doesn’t matter, what matters you are behind you and what you do.

I am grateful for all the free yoga out there (sorry guys if that’s not what you wanted me to say!)

Here’s my invitation to you to stop going it alone, let’s work together:

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