Ep. 10 – Your Yoga Business And The Recession

It is pretty understandable if your beautiful brain right now is in panic mode, and assuming that people will no longer be able to afford your yoga offers.

But this is simply not true, the previous recession in 2009 and the covid pandemic proved that despite these external events the yoga industry continued to grow.

The world needs yoga, especially in times of stress!

We can’t control external events, but we can control our response.   Imagine if you pretended that covid didn’t happen and continued to try to keep your in-person classes going during the lockdown.  It simply wouldn’t have worked.

The same is true now, you can’t pretend that the recession isn’t happening, and it’s prudent to begin to consider if you need to, and how you may adapt.   Yoga teaches us nothing is constant, everything is subject to change and this applies to your yoga business.

The definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, so if you have something not working, perhaps it’s time to mix things up.

How may you adapt and diversify your offers to continue to serve?  100% review your prices, if your costs have gone up, or you adapt your offers to add more value, your prices should reflect this.

And remember, despite external events the yoga industry has grown and is projected to continue doing so!

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Your yoga business and the recession

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