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The Confident Yogi CEO

Are you ready to be fully confident in your abilities as a yoga teacher and yoga boss?

Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th October 1pm – 1.45pm (BST)

Confident Yogi SEO


And I’ve been in the yoga industry for over 14 years now!  I’ve had the privilege of training and mentoring numerous brilliant yoga teachers.

But guess what?  They all shared one common challenge – a lack of confidence in their teaching and business skills.

The result?  They felt energetically out of alignment and struggled to bring their dream yoga businesses to life.

Until they worked with me that is…

I’m on a mission to empower every yoga teacher out there to teach with confidence and run their businesses with ease.

Just like our yoga practice, confidence is a skill that can be cultivated!  In this, free, 3-part live training, I’ll equip you with proven techniques and strategies to transform into a confident yogi CEO. 

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