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When attending one of Amy’s classes or training courses, whether it be online or in-person she expects you to conduct yourself in a professional manner, which is conducive to a positive practise, training and learning environment.


Amy Jones asks you to agree to the following when committing to one of her classes or teacher training courses:


  • Ensure good time keeping, arriving on time for the start of the course or class and return from breaks at the allocated time.


  • Attend 100% of the course contact hours, unless there is an exceptional circumstance. In which case alternative arrangements will need to be made with Amy Jones in order for contact hours to be completed.


  • Complete and meet assignment and practical assessment deadlines, ensuring all work produced is your own work. Give reference to any resources used to help complete your written work.


  • Seek help if needed at anytime during the class or course.


  • Dress appropriately, wearing clothes that allow for full movements in the practical aspects of yoga courses and classes.


  • Behave and speak with respect to everyone, ensuring your actions do not offend others.


  • Respect all members of the course or class regardless of age, physical limitations, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.


  • Comply with all terms and conditions as laid out in the course or class when making your booking.


  • Treat all course property and equipment within the yoga studio with respect.


  • Follow the health and safety guidelines of the studio at all times.


  • Show respect to the surrounding rooms, buildings and members of the public and dispose of any litter responsibly.


  • Mobile phones should be on silent.  Seek the permission of anyone you wish to take pictures or videos of whilst on the course or class.  Confirm they are happy for these to be used on a website or social media before using them.


  • Follow all local government and nation laws that pertain to yoga teaching and running a business.

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