Ep.2 – How to know what to charge

Episode 2 – How to know what to charge  After listening to episode 1 you’re now totally sold on the belief that to serve, share your passion, teach yoga, you have to have a profitable, sustainable business model. This only happens through action, so let’s get to...

Ep. 1 – It is safe to make money

I’m going straight in and challenging those deep rooted subconscious beliefs that I believe are collectively held by many of us (me included!) We love what we do. We do it to help people. So we feel we shouldn’t make money or it’s wrong to make money from our passion....

Episode 0: Prosperous Yogini Podcast Trailer

Show notes From my experience of training yoga teachers and working with women to create sustainable, profitable yoga businesses I found that the same issues came up time and time again.  After repeating myself for too long I am now on a mission to help you...
How do I become a better yoga teacher?

How do I become a better yoga teacher?

This seems a big question, with many things you may need to do or achieve in order to get better at teaching yoga.    What if the answer was simple and something as a yoga teacher and someone who practises yoga already knows already! How do I get better...

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Training to be a yoga teacher, online versus in-person?!

Training to be a yoga teacher, online versus in-person?!

Honestly if you had asked me in February 2019 could you train to be a yoga teacher online, I’d of said no, and that would have been a no right across my training offerings.  “No you can’t effectively complete a foundation yoga teacher training course online. No...

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Why train to be a yoga teacher?

Why train to be a yoga teacher?

Like the inquisitive mind of a toddler I continue to ask the question why?  It’s a great question – why am I doing this?  Why do I want to do this?  Clarifying your reasons why helps to drive you to take action and commit to making positive changes in...

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Why I practise Yoga?  Why do anything if not for love?!

Why I practise Yoga? Why do anything if not for love?!

Your reasons for trying yoga, going to a yoga class or simply coming to your mat for some personal practise will be unique to you, but stepping back and reflecting why we do anything is a useful habit to cultivate.  Understanding the reasons behind our actions...

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